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Preventing You From Realizing Your
Full Potential In Life And In Business

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All of Your Anxiety, Your Fears, Your Frustrations, Your Challenges, Your Stress, Your Tension, Your Anger, Your Disillusionment, Your Passive Aggressiveness, Your Lack Of Satisfaction, Your Lack of Fulfillment, AND Your Lack Of Results In Life And Especially In Business Have JUST ONE THING IN COMMON: 

The conversation should NOT be about the HUSTLE.  It’s not about working hard and trying to grind your way to success because while most think working hard is a necessary ingredient to getting to the next level of success, the TRUTH is working smarter is what’s necessary.

The conversation should NOT be about the STRATEGY.  It’s not about trying to duplicate the strategies of the last Facebook or Instagram Overnight Millionaire you just became aware of because what’s good for the goose isn’t necessary good for the gander.


And whatever strategy you eventually employ needs to be personalized and customized, but only after you’ve done something else.

The conversation should NOT be about the TACTIC.  It’s not about trying to create an online funnel with a value ladder of products that starts out with a $9 offer in hopes of becoming an Online Millionaire. Just because Russell Brunson popularized online funnels doesn’t mean that’s the tactic you should be deploying to achieve success, at least not right now, and not before you’ve done something else.

The conversation should be about becoming LIMITLESS.  And that only happens by…

Breaking Every Invisible Boundary That Has You Caged Into
A Shell Of What You Were Destined To BE, DO and HAVE

And after breaking your invisible boundaries, it’s THEN you’ll start producing superhuman results no matter what challenges you ever face, no matter what setbacks you experience, no matter how scare resources are, no matter what strategies you execute, and no matter what tactics you deploy.

So if you’ve been...

  • Tired of attending every GURU and EXPERT’s conference, seminar, online course, or program with hopes of taking that next quantum leap in life and business yet seeing no results.

  • Drowning in your unconfessed fears of not being good enough or not having what it takes because everyone else seems to be having success while you’re not.

  • Frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed by your entrepreneurial dream turned proverbial nightmare as you wonder if you’ll ever prove everyone wrong and experience the financial and time freedom you hoped for.

Then I get it.  That was me.

In 2014, my world started to unravel as I saw myself reeling from 2 business betrayals in which I lost over 7-Figures and saw my income drop to a third of what it used to be.

In 2016, add insult to injury when I’d find myself being held responsible by the SEC for the investment losses my clients and I suffered as victims of a Ponzi scheme which then kicked off a 2-year legal battle that was your 21st century version of David versus Goliath.

In 2018, I’d have settled my case with the SEC on a neither admit nor deny basis, which was good.  But by now, ALL of my financial assets were gone.  I’d qualify for government assistance based on my income being a tenth of what it used to be.  I’d lose several professional licenses and the ones I did keep were of no use since I could not get errors and omission insurance and companies I previously was a top producer for in the insurance industry no longer wanted me representing their company.  And as for my reputation, one google search would show that it was completely damaged on account of this SEC case.

In an attempt to make a new start, I’d attend every GURU’s conference, learn the strategies they promoted, execute their secret sauce, deploy the tactics recommended and fail miserably to launch, revive, and grow a coaching and consulting practice


Frustrated by my lack of progress, I soon found myself drowning in my unconfessed fears of maybe I wasn’t good enough?  Maybe I didn’t have what it takes?  Maybe my prior success in the financial services industry was my last dance, and this was the end of the rope.  And maybe, just maybe, like Mike Tyson was quoted as saying, “this life isn’t worth it anymore and I look forward to what’s next.”

After all, I know people who’d taken their life for a lot less than what I had been through.  But I knew that wasn’t the answer.  That wasn’t my destiny.

Then something changed and within the
last 6 months of 2019
I started….

Generating as many as 20 ideal client opportunities each month for my coaching and consulting business

Forging collaborations with some of the leading minds in the coaching industry

Being invited to speak at organizations, workshops and on podcasts

Seeing my business generate the monthly equivalent of a 6-Figure business

Forecasting 7-Figures in total revenues for my business by the end of 2021

Gaining recognition as an authority, expert and leader on LinkedIn by my peers

And I was doing all of this while networking,
teaching, training and doing the things I generally love...

As you read all of this, you’re probably wondering what I did


What strategies did I execute to turn my business around


What tactics did I deploy to gain momentum


Those are all valid questions to ask...

And, I have a course where I break all of this down for you.  But honestly, that course is worthless to you right now.  It’s as worthless as the over $100,000 library of experts programs, courses, seminars, coaching, mentoring, workshops, and conferences were to me, UNTIL something significant changed.

What Changed?

I identified and broke through the invisible boundaries that were precluding me from experiencing any success with all of the strategies and tactics I had previously deployed and executed to take the next quantum leap in my life and business.

What were those invisible boundaries?  Now that’s the right question to ask!

There’s 10 of them and for those of you who may study numerology, you know that the number 10 speaks to the authority of God and his government on earth.  10 also symbolizes responsibility, law and even completeness. 

Once you break past these 10 invisible boundaries, you’ll access divine authority to govern your life according to the original blueprint of what you are destined to be, do and have in this life.


It’s your God-given responsibility to maximize your full potential.  You were created to be fruitful, to multiply, to expand, to give full expression to the genius within you, and to have dominion over the sphere of influence you’ve been given to fulfill your purpose by impacting and transforming people’s lives with the GIFT that is YOU!

All of that is possible for you once you accept the responsibility to break these 10 invisible boundaries that are holding you back from your greatness!

But you’ll never become LIMITLESS, you’ll never achieve your GREATNESS, until you break these 10 invisible boundaries


And here they are: ​

The Invisible Boundary Of Needing To Know How

The mere idea of needing to know how anything works as a “prerequisite” to taking action, is a self-imposed limitation we artificially place on what’s possible for us.

The Invisible Boundary Of Focusing On A Purely Tactical And Strategic Approach

Far too often we spend 80% of our time focusing on things that account for just 20% of our results.  Tactics and Strategies are where most spend 80% of their time and as a result only see lackluster results, if any, in their business and life.  Identify and focus on the 20% of things that creates 80% of your results, and you’ll experience quantum leaps in every area of your life.

The Invisible Boundary Of What You Know

It’s been said that knowledge is power, but could what you know actually be placing limits over what’s possible in your life and business?  Find out what you know that’s placing artificial limits over what’s possible in your life and business.

The Invisible Boundary Of Our Blind Spots

Whomever said ignorance is bliss might have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs when they said it.  In my life, ignorance has come at a steep price.  Learn from the price I’ve already paid on your behalf.

The Invisible Boundary Of Lack of Time

I’ve studied very successful people in life and in business and I’m yet to learn about one who attributes their success to having 6 more hours in the day than the Average Joe.  Learn how to make time an asset and not a liability on your journey to becoming who you were destined to be.

The Invisible Boundary Of Being The Best Salesman

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s good at solving your client’s problems, but lousy in sales, then you’re in luck.  Why?  Because having to be the best salesperson to take the next quantum leap in growing your business is simply a myth, and not a reality

The Invisible Boundary Of The Facts of Life

Having violent swings between feast and famine in business, seeing depressing account balances with my bank statements, and working 14-hour days were some of the irrefutable facts of my life.  Yet those facts were never a prophecy of my future potential.  You can learn why they are not a prophecy of yours either.

The Invisible Boundary Of The Wrong Questions

Simply put, the quality of the questions you ask in life and about your business, determine the quality of the answers you get.  Change the  questions you’re asking, and you’ll dramatically change your business and life.

The Invisible Boundary Of Failure

Far too often the problems we face are seldom the problem, but more often a symptom of a much bigger problem.  Likewise, failure itself is not a problem, but the meaning we ascribe to failure, is often a symptom of a much bigger problem.

The Invisible Boundary Of Our Misconceptions

Not only do our blind spots and what we know, place limits over what’s possible in our lives, but what we don’t know, our misconceptions, can also place limits over what’s possible in our personal and professional lives.

What Others Are Saying About Ike

Making the transition to build out a speaking and coaching business you are passionate about isn’t easy. What I love about Ike’s Coaching Program is it gives you the right combination of mindset shifts and tactical approaches to attracting ideal client, collaboration and communication opportunities. While there’s plenty of work involved, I love that it’s systematically laid out. And quite frankly, it’s work I know my competition isn’t doing. So, I’m rolling up my sleeves and doing the heavy lifting now knowing that Ike’s Subconscious Inception Marketing System will allow me to attract the ideal client, collaboration and communication opportunities I need to create a six-figure coaching business I’m proud of. I’ve seen his results, I follow him on LinkedIn, and I know the system he teaches for he models it daily. His results are duplicatable if you’re willing to implement what he teaches. I am and I’m excited about my future.

Todd Kuckkahn

Keynote Speaker | Executive Coach

I don't know where to start from, but trying to find the right words to describe what an impactful  HIGH value business coach Ike Ikokwu is, is  not that simple, because he embodies every quality a true professional should have. He is a true valiant leader, his referent  power is pure and beneficial, thus i advice anyone out there to experience it for yourself.  Ike, is inherently a person who humanizes his framework in all he does. I think that is a quality that so many business mentors or coaches need to truly apply in all they do. I highly recommend him, because i personally have utilized his expertise to gain more clarity when it comes to my business road map, and strategies to scale forward.

Enzo Ochoga

Agile Coach | Mindset Speaker

Ike is highly skilled as a coach who absolutely loves and cares about people. He uses wisdom and discernment in asking the tough questions that help you peel back the layers to discover the core issues to confront. My coaching conversations with Ike have helped me gain important clarity and insights which has been a huge blessing to my personal growth. 5 stars for Ike!

Yoon Cannon

Business Growth Coach

As a solo practitioner in the legal field, I’ve spent the last couple of years working “in” my business and not “on” my business as I transitioned from a focus on real estate to estate planning. Meeting Ike and engaging with him couldn’t have come at a more ideal time. I am laser focused on becoming the premier estate planning attorney in East Atlanta. Ike’s Program is the ideal solution for me to attract those ideal client, collaboration and communication opportunities to fulfill my goals. His approach to the inner game and outer game of success is brilliant. It’s such a relatable and relational approach that it’s a natural fit to how I want to build my business. I’ve never been more excited to move slightly outside of my comfort zone to grow my practice to multi six-figures and beyond. And, I’ve already referred him to an advisor I work closely with.

Sharline Green

Attorney and Counselor at Law

Ike brings rapid clarity and focus through his no-nonsense coaching style. Through his effective questions and attention to cues, he helps his clients achieve clear action items that lead to positive results; I experienced this first-hand in working with him. Ike is a professional coach and he brings robust business knowledge and interpersonal awareness to help his clients move to the next level!

Douglas Grant

Executive Coach and Consultant

It’s amazing the kind of shifts you can experience once you make a concerted effort to work on your mindset. Within the first few sessions of the success and money mindset portions of Ike’s Practice Growth Mastery program, I started to experience some wins with new opportunities that I can only attribute to the shifts in my mindset that occurred. After completing some of my initial branding and value proposition exercises, I’m looking forward to taking even deeper dives into the rest of the program and building the framework for attracting my ideal client, collaboration and communication opportunities. As a legal services and Identity Theft Consultant, and John Maxwell Team member, I’m happy to be working with someone who embodies #jmtdna and knows how to help you grow your business to 6 Figures and beyond. 

Jane Lehman

Coach & Speaker

Up to this point, in my business, I have had some amazing mentors and coaches. When they say you need to surround yourself with the people who have done it, are still doing it and willing to show you how to do it, I have been blessed to have had the very best. However, one of my biggest challenges in business has been in marketing myself. Being a naturally quiet and reserved person, I found this aspect of my business VERY challenging. Ike you have filled that missing component in my skillset with your invaluable coaching, I am forever grateful. Thank you for your caring and heartfelt mentorship.

Aneela Rafique

Area Field Director at Premier Financial Alliance

What do you do when you encounter someone you feel you've known forever who sees the impossible not only as possible but inevitable? You count your lucky stars. This is what it was like with Ike, a man of so many talents and heart that if I didn't love him so much, I'd probably be envious. FACT IS: Ike is one of those rare individuals who balance human intelligence with an unwavering focus on what's achievable for his clients using his financial knowledge to help them grow. Truly a man from the heart, Ike is in a unique category of professionals that is rare today. WARNING: If you like Ordinary and Predictable, avoid Ike. He will redefine the parameters of what you thought was possible or likely to help you realize: You are the exception and he was here only to help open your eyes and your potential. P.S. He should have his own line of sneakers: "IKE. Just Do It.

David Brier

Keynote Speaker, Google’s #1 Rebranding Expert, Advisor to CEOs, Author of Amazon’s Branding Bestseller “BRAND INTERVENTION” responsible for $1B in sales

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